Lead with Intent | 9-Day Plan

As a follower of Jesus, how do I lead in the marketplace so that all stakeholders benefit from my leadership? This includes my employees, my customers, and my shareholders. To accomplish this, you need to practice nine principles as a leader that will drive engagement and grow sustainable profitability.

Day 9 | Lead with Intent

Day 9. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Hope – Coaching – Meaning We all get despondent sometimes. Life can be brutal. Jesus reminds us of this in John 16: 33: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! […]

Day 8 | Lead with Intent

Day 8. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Innovation – Curiosity – Learning and Progress If leaders really care about their team and care about their customers, they will need to improve things that will benefit their teams and customers. It is wise of a leader to look for better ways to serve employees […]

Day 7 | Lead with Intent

Day 7. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Resilience – Legitimate Suffering – Perseverance We have a resilience pandemic in the world if we view the statistics on mental health. The way we do life and the way we parent our children has caused what is today known as the Anxious generation, or as […]

Day 6 | Lead with Intent

Day 6. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Authenticity – Reflection – Awareness Authenticity is such a popular word today. The call in the world is to be authentic, to be yourself, but how do I become more authentic, who I am, in a world where the curse of our day is distraction? It isn’t […]

Day 5 | Lead with Intent

Day 5. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Integrity – Accountability – Clarity and Growth Integrity is doing what is right at the right time to do it. Leaders need to foster integrity in their teams, and the best way to do this is to walk the talk. One of my favorite authors said: […]

Day 4 | Lead with Intent

Day 4. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Gratitude – Celebration – Being Valued Paul was always grateful for the people he worked with. A wonderful example of this is at the beginning of his letter to the Philippians: “I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of […]

Day 3 | Lead with Intent

Day 3. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Rehumanization – Empathetic Listening – Loyalty and Community One of my mentors, Alex McManus, said to me: “Jesus came to make the world human again.” Jesus came to show us what it means to be human. As followers of Jesus, we need to understand that we […]

Day 2 | Lead with Intent

Day 2. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Psychological Safety – Openness – Transparency Have you ever been in a meeting where the truth is apparent to everyone, yet nobody dares to speak it? Why is that? According to Prof Amy Edmondson of Harvard Business School, this phenomenon is that we are continually assessing […]

Day 1 | Lead with Intent

Day 1 | Introduction Paul writes that if we have received the gift and opportunity of leading, we should use it with great diligence (Romans 12:8). Leadership does not happen by accident. It is a daily occurrence that we see people in positions of leadership that have no intention to serve and guide others. When leadership is […]