Hope Lives Here | 6-Part Series

Do you sometimes feel like your life lacks meaning and purpose? Join Janine Maxwell as she shares her incredible journey of faith and finding her purpose in this six-session series.

Dash | 4-Part Series

Join Craig Roberts in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for this challenging four-session study as he looks at life on Earth through the lens of eternity.

Day 7 | What Africa Can Teach Us All

20/20: Progress & Challenges in Africa In the 20 years since Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, there has been significant change across Africa. All over the world there is optimism about progress and new opportunity in Africa. At the same time there are still great challenges that must be addressed in the next 20 years. […]

Day 6 | What Africa Can Teach Us All

Breaking the Disease Cycle The Ebola epidemic in West African countries like Liberia is a terrible tragedy that was in the global spotlight not that long ago. And there will be other outbreaks and epidemics in the future. In today’s Missiographic, we clearly see the cycle of Ebola in Liberia and consider how traditional belief […]

Day 5 | What Africa Can Teach Us All

Education on the Rise Globally Do you understand the scope of need around higher education globally and the role of Christian higher education? How can you be praying and responding? Through today’s Missiographic, you can dive into some of the numbers behind education in Africa: – The number of new Christian higher education institutions has […]

Day 4 | What Africa Can Teach Us All

AIDS: More to Do In a world full of huge challenges, we all want to declare “Mission Accomplished,” check things off our list and move on. Many have done just that with AIDS. But should that be our response? We have made so much progress, and the numbers of those affected are slowing, but still […]

Day 3 | What Africa Can Teach Us All

African Readers Mark Their Place To understand people’s reading habits is to get a glimpse into their lives. Today’s Missiographic gives you insight into the patterns of African Christian readers in three countries (Kenya, Angola, and Central African Republic) as discovered through the Africa Leadership Study. Africa’s 1 billion people are geographically, linguistically, and politically […]

Day 2 | What Africa Can Teach Us All

A Rich Garden: Non-Clergy Leadership in Africa Leadership in the Global Church is changing as more people engage in leadership as part of the Body of Christ. Many are pastors, but not all. The Africa Leadership Study tried to understand a bit more about these non-clergy leaders within the African Church. Take a moment to […]

Day 1 | What Africa Can Teach Us All

African Proverbs Build Bridges Local truths can be powerful tools for sharing the gospel. Sometimes God’s wisdom is embedded in the local truths of the world’s people even though the Fall has obscured it. His truth is accessible to anyone with eyes to see! We see God’s hand in nature and in the loving actions […]