Day 3 | A Gospel View of Ezra

Day 3 Fruitfulness In our journey through the book of Ezra, we’ve seen that God is faithful to fulfill His promises to redeem and restore us through Jesus and that it’s Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to be faithful in our God-assigned work. Today, let’s reflect on how Ezra’s faithfulness in the […]

Day 2 | A Gospel View of Ezra

Day 2 Faithfulness We learned yesterday that God will fulfill (the first F) whatever promises He has made to redeem and restore us. The second F is faithfulness. Ezra’s story shows us that it’s Christ, through the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to demonstrate faithfulness in the work God has assigned to us, and Ezra’s faithfulness to his […]

Day 1 | A Gospel View of Ezra

Day 1 Fulfillment Maybe you’ve wondered if, when, or how God will fulfill His promises in your life. Or perhaps you struggle to see how you can be fruitful in your current season or circumstances. The story of the Old Testament prophet Ezra gives us a powerful example to follow. Let’s look at it through […]

A Gospel View of Ezra | 3-Day Plan

Do you wonder if, when, or how God will fulfil His promises to you? In this three-day reading plan, Dr. Kwasi Amoafo points out how the story of Ezra mirrors the story of Jesus, making him an excellent model to follow as we strive to glorify God with our lives.

Lead with Intent | 9-Day Plan

As a follower of Jesus, how do I lead in the marketplace so that all stakeholders benefit from my leadership? This includes my employees, my customers, and my shareholders. To accomplish this, you need to practice nine principles as a leader that will drive engagement and grow sustainable profitability.

Day 9 | Lead with Intent

Day 9. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Hope – Coaching – Meaning We all get despondent sometimes. Life can be brutal. Jesus reminds us of this in John 16: 33: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! […]

Day 8 | Lead with Intent

Day 8. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Innovation – Curiosity – Learning and Progress If leaders really care about their team and care about their customers, they will need to improve things that will benefit their teams and customers. It is wise of a leader to look for better ways to serve employees […]

Day 7 | Lead with Intent

Day 7. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Resilience – Legitimate Suffering – Perseverance We have a resilience pandemic in the world if we view the statistics on mental health. The way we do life and the way we parent our children has caused what is today known as the Anxious generation, or as […]

Day 6 | Lead with Intent

Day 6. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Authenticity – Reflection – Awareness Authenticity is such a popular word today. The call in the world is to be authentic, to be yourself, but how do I become more authentic, who I am, in a world where the curse of our day is distraction? It isn’t […]

Day 5 | Lead with Intent

Day 5. Principle – Practice – Impact on Culture Integrity – Accountability – Clarity and Growth Integrity is doing what is right at the right time to do it. Leaders need to foster integrity in their teams, and the best way to do this is to walk the talk. One of my favorite authors said: […]