Ghana | Week 11

Ghana has multiple ethnic groups and faiths, but it remains largely peaceful. Praise God! The education system and constitution brought together all ethnicities, and helped build a stable democracy.

The Gambia | Week 10

Thank God for the mostly friendly relationships between Muslims and Christians in Gambia. Christians have more religious freedom here than in most Muslim countries.

Gabon | Week 9

Christians who do not participate in spiritual rituals can be refused academic or professional opportunities. Pray for followers of Jesus to remain faithful to Him alone, and for such faith to spread the Gospel even further.

Ethiopia | Week 8

The nation struggles through social, political, and economic crises. Corruption increased with economic growth, and a wide gap now exists between the few who are rich and the many who are poor.

Eswatini | Week 7

For decades, HIV/AIDS has devastated this country’s population and health; the working age population was particularly impacted. Genuine Christian love, demonstrated in practical and gracious ways, could win many to the Lord.

Eritrea | Week 6

Pray for the government to focus on caring and providing for its own people – it has a terrible record on human rights and press freedoms, accompanied by an obsession with military power and control.

Equatorial Guinea | Week 5

Equatorial Guinea faces an unusual political and economic situation. Large oil reserves made a small minority very rich. Pray for economic justice and wise stewardship.

Egypt | Week 4

The Coptic Church is by far the largest body of Christians in the Middle East and is a strategic key for the evangelisation of the region.

Djibouti | Week 3

Djibouti enjoys peace, but suffers under serious social and economic problems. Western military presence helps create an atmosphere of calm and safety. Pray that the Islamist voice that seeks to make Djibouti conform to its own values will not destroy current freedoms.

Cote d’Ivoire | Week 2

This nation has endured some civil strife in the past generation, although thankfully it has not degraded into war or intractable conflict. Pray for leaders to be free of corruption, and to work for unity and nation building.