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Mysteries of Heaven revealed.
Prayer intercession

God save SA is not a church or Christian NGO. It is non-denominational and does not cross the borders of how people choose to beleive in God. However, we beleive in the Holy Bible as the Word of God and follow its precepts.

As far as I know, it is the only company of its kind in South Africa which produces the Word of God across a variety of issues affecting the country. While the company started of with producing free digital magazines containing news stories from a biblical perspective, at the directive of the Lord, it evovled into public and private intercessions that saw astounding results.

These included a 21 day prayer intercession over the planned shutdown, later While people were worried about a complete blackout and saw the worst loadshedding ever in early 2023, God save SA embarked on 50 days of prayer with testimonies from different parts of the country as people saw how loadshedding was reduced to almost zero from 19 May to 7 July 2023 There were several other prayer intercessions sent out with the Lord proving He answers prayer.

As the founder of God save SA, during a time of forty days of fasting and prayer, I have been the first in the Christian Faith to be given the shocking revelation of sowing into God’s Word as well as what it means to take Holy Communion. In addition, I have received the most shocking 40 days of prayer ever heard at the Lord’s table.

Because majority of South Africans follow the Christian faith, the Lord’s mercy is very evident for He has not chosen any other country, but South Africa, through which this most powerful element of the Christian faith must flow.
This ground breaking revelation and prayer has the potential to transform every Christain and significantly increase their faith in a loving God.

The Holy Communion prayer is unmatched and reveals secrets of the Bible that has yet to be challenged. At God save SA we have made it very simple to anyone who wants to receive these 40 days of prayer on audio. It can be sent directly to one’s whatsapp or email. and the cost? A seed offering of any amount excluding bank charges.

So whether a person can afford a little or a lot, whatsoever they deem they can afford to send towards this amazing gift from the Lord, they would receive it within 24 hours of payment clearance.

This prayer is only to be received through God Save SA and will constitutes fraud if it is sent out through anyone else. Therefore we encourage you to be fearful of God and do not take this lightly.