GCU-Global Christian Unity




1. Facilitate projects and programs that enable Christians to love one another; as the Lord loved us. By this
shall all men know that we are His disciples. John 13:35.
2. Build and develop affordable Christian Education Missions with Life and Industrial Skills Academies.
3. Collaborate with other Christian formations to deliver and rescue the poor from poverty and
oppression, whilst creating sustainable employment.
4. Develop shared Christian-focused information platforms, telecommunications, and media networks.
5. Jointly and severally produce and distribute Christian Ministry Gospel materials for use by the body of
Christ and non-believers.
6. Facilitate the economic empowerment of Christians through innovative ventures in agricultural
farming, food production and processing, telecoms and financial services.
7. Construct, manage and facilitate experiential Christian pilgrimage resorts to facilitate Revival, host
Christian-based programs, projects, events, and services. Facilitate God’s Regeneration, Revival and
Visitation of His Church: To construct, manage and facilitate experiential Christian pilgrimage resorts
and market-related products that will open the spiritual and physical eyes and ears of many to realize
that Jesus is alive and that He is coming back for His Church, soon.
8. Develop Christian communities to R&D products and build industries for the occupation & subduing
of the earth by the righteous.
9. Facilitate the provision of facilities for training and functional premises for the Body of Christ.
10. Financially empower Christians to operate in dominion over the worldly economic systems, through
innovative and unique business ventures, joint financial services products: medical aid, funeral cover,
banks and pension funds.

Global Christian Unity (GCU) is a response to the specific calling of God upon an African woman in 2009 to “Unite Christians”. Christians are individuals, churched and unchurched, be they Catholic, Protestant, Denominational, Ecclesiastical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Messianic Jew, or by whatever categorical name any Christian identifies him/herself. Everyone on this earth needs to know God’s plan in the Word regarding the importance of Unity under Jesus Christ.

Global Christian Unity (GCU) is non-denominational and, therefore is not aligned to any single church but serves the entire body of Christ to unite Christians and to prepare for the Lord Jesus’ second coming.

The organisation’s purpose is to facilitate the practice of genuine Love for one another through edification, comfort, support and sharing the resources God has endowed us with, in a joint effort to grow and strengthen the Kingdom of God on earth.