Beautiful Gate South Africa




Child Health
Family Strengthening and Empowerment
After-school Education
Community Collaboration

Beautiful Gate South Africa focuses its work on these four critical areas:

1. Child Health: The goal of this intervention is to strengthen the local government clinic in Crossroads to provide appropriate child and adolescent services, through the provision of medical expertise and the facilitation of Treatment and Support Clubs for HIV positive children and youth who are on anti-retroviral treatment (ART).

2. Learner Education Support: Active in primary and high schools in the Crossroads, Philippi area, the primary school project aims to improve educational outcomes while addressing social and other developmental needs for vulnerable children, including access to a variety of sports, arts and culture activities. At secondary school level, the Youth Resource Centre provides young people with academic and career support, personal development and is an information and digital hub. Key activities include tutoring services, career workshops and study camps.

3. Family Strengthening and empowerment: BGSA’s initiatives in this focus area include providing social work support to assist families to access social grants from the government, short-term nutritional support, and psycho-social developmental and therapeutic services for children and families. This helps families stay together and find long-term solutions. The organisation’s social worker also runs parenting skills training and workshops, and counselling for high risk children among other interventions. The organisation recently launched an intervention called Impilo Pathways, which is designed to give parents skills and knowledge and links to opportunities around employment and entrepreneurship.

4. Community Collaboration: The organisation collaborates with local community structures, churches, schools, organisations and their leaders to promote the development of a safe and empowered community for children, youth and families in Philippi East through local organisation and leadership development; child-friendly church mobilisation; and sports and safe parks development.